Corporate Rebranding – Top 10 Promotional Gift Ideas

Top Ideas for Corporate Rebranding

Rebrand Inspiration: 10 engaging ways to tell your corporate rebrand story

A rebrand is a major undertaking and it is essential that all stakeholders – from employees through investors to customers – understand the new direction for your business. Whatever your ‘why’, we have an interactive promotional gift that will help you effectively communicate your rebrand.

Magic Concepts Folding Puzzles

Our Magic Concepts folding puzzles provide ample print space for important messaging such as rebrand values, a mission statement and graphics, while the folding puzzle engages the user as they literally ‘unfold’ your rebrand story.


Magic 160

Magic Card 160

The Magic Card 160 folding puzzle folds flat so is perfect for mailing to stakeholders or handing out at rebrand events.


  • Folding puzzle
  • Folds flat to a slimline 160x100x2mm
  • Constructed of a durable HIPS plastic with matt plastic labels

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Magic Diamond - Danone

Magic Diamond

The Magic Diamond provides an attractive desktop decoration and intrigues the user as it unfolds through a series of forms to finish in its original diamond shape.  [Client: Danone, Activia]


  • Folding puzzle with magnetic closure
  • Available in large (7cm) or mini (5cm) forms
  • 30 printable faces, templates available

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Magic Octagon

Magic Octagon

Another creative shape in the Magic Concepts range, the octagon unfolds to create unusual desktop ‘sculptures’ before reforming to the original octagon shape. [Client: Chase]


  • Folding puzzle with magnetic closure
  • Full color customization with design templates available.

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Magic Cube

Magic Cube

Our most popular Magic Concepts shape, the Magic Cube is available in a range of sizes. It is also available with an Augmented Reality (AR) option where, by using a smart phone, the user can view an AR experience such as a video, floating 3D-logo or shape. [Client: Adobe]


  • Unfolding puzzle with magnetic closure
  • Available sizes: 3cm, 5cm, 7cm & 12cm
  • Full color customization with templates



Executive Toys

This selection of executive toys which provide an eye-catching and fun way to promote a visual rebrand.

Rubiks Visa Rebranding

Rubik’s Cube

The world’s most famous toy provides a striking platform to communicate a new visual branding. [Client: Visa]


  • Genuine Rubik’s twist puzzle
  • Fully customizable with 6 faces and 54 sections
  • Optional stand increases its desktop visibility

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Office Blocks Pen Pot

Office Blocks Pen Pot Set

Sitting desktop, the snap-together Office Blocks stationery set is a promotional gift that will keep your rebrand front of mind for a very long time. Particularly popular as a building metaphor: ‘building a brighter future’, etc. [Client: Chubb]


  • Snap-together office blocks products
  • Build your own custom set from the range of 9 products
  • Option for full color customization of packaging

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Magnetic 360 Round

A simple product that creates a big impact: the Magnetic 360 sits desktop and with its internal magnets, it becomes an executive toy that snaps together, spins and can be stacked in various arrangements.


  • Magnetic
  • Full color customization

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Sometimes the best way to make an impression is to be useful. These functional promotional gifts add significant value to your rebrand message.

Rubik's Keychai

Rubik’s 3×3 Keychain

A mini version of the world-famous Rubik’s Cube that also functions as a handy keychain. [Client: Fanta]


  • Perfect for large-volume campaigns
  • 34x34x34mm

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Mobile Charging Cable Set - AirBnB

Mobile Charging Cable Set

The clever design of the mobile smart phone charging cable set means that it not only functions as a handy charger/data transfer cable, but also doubles as a keychain. The Mobile Charging Cable Set also clips to luggage for added convenience.


  • Universal connector 3-in-1: Micro USB + Lightning + USB-C
  • Also available as a Tube or Office Blocks Mobile Charging Cable Set
  • Pad print branding

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Blue tooth Loop Speaker

Loop Bluetooth Speaker

A fun way to reach a youth audience, the small and portable Bluetooth speaker straps to your bag, belt or luggage, and plays your favorite tunes from any Bluetooth phone, tablet or computer.


  • Mobile accessory
  • Padprint

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