Top 10 Promotional Gifts for the Hotel Industry

In the hotel industry where customer loyalty is king, Intermed’s 5-star interactive promotional gifts get the best ROI!

Intermed’s range of interactive corporate gifts provide large surface areas for branding while the innovative designs provide a unique memory for hotel guests. Get inspiration for ways in which the hotel industry can use our interactive promotional gifts for brand building, VIP gifts, giveaways, invitations and staff communications.

How could your hotel-industry clients use our products?

Sliding Stationery Box

Magic Sliding Stationery Box

Client gift and calendar

  • The sliding stationery box offers 3 sliding compartments to store paper clips, and small objects.
  • MOQ – 500pcs
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Office Blocks Travel Set

Office Blocks Travel Set

Giveaway gift set

The mobile travel set is an ideal gift for those who travel with its handy USB, mobile charging cable, stylus and highlighter – not to mention the ruler that neatly holds the gift set together.

Magic 3-Panel Pen Pot

Magic 3-Panel Pen Pot

Brand awareness

An amazing cube pen pot that, when unfolded, turns into a panoramic billboard right on people’s desk.

The large panels give you the flexibility to communicate emotionally with landscape images and messaging. Each position is secured by magnets, to improve its handling and increase the magic.

Magnetic 360 Round

Magic 360 Round

3D restaurant guide

9 fully customizable panels allow you to communicate your message as your client plays with the snap-together magnetic components.


Rubik’s Cube 3×3


Delight guests with a gift of the world’s most iconic and engaging toy brands. The Rubik’s 3×3 puzzle is great as a gift or as merchandise with a large print area for branding and messaging.

  • Black ABS Plastic with full color print labels. Option for white plastic blocks and other print finishes. 57x57x57mm.
  • MOQ – 500pcs
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Bubble Pen

Bubble Pen

Giveaway gift

The entrancing 3D floater can be custom printed and is also available as a 3D shape.

Magic Square / Triangle 360

Magnetic 360 Square / Triangle

Internal communications and calendar

Play, build, rotate. The magnetic blocks are an entertaining desk-top reminder of key messaging and important dates for staff and other stakeholders.

Tag Mobile Cable Charging Set

Tag Mobile Charging Cable Set

Gift giveaway

The customizable Tag Mobile Cable Set wraps around a guest’s keyring or bag strap and is always conveniently to hand for a charge connection or data transfer. Large area for logo printing.


Rubik’s 3×3 Presentation Gift

VIP gift

This VIP gift represents quality with its distinctive metallic finish, a presentation stand and branded draw-string bag.

Talk to our sales team about these and other great customizable products for your hotel promotions. We can also provide samples and marketing material, including a client-safe PDF flyer to distribute to your clients.

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