Top 10 Promotional Gifts for the Travel Industry

See how major travel brands use 3D media

Travel and tourism is back after several years’ absence and with the public keener than ever to start traveling again, Intermed’s 5-star interactive promotional gifts are perfect for showing the way!

Intermed’s range of interactive corporate gifts provide large surface areas for branding while the innovative designs provide a unique memory for travel guests, agents, staff and other industry players. Get inspiration for ways in which the travel industry can use our interactive promotional gifts for brand building, VIP gifts, giveaways, invitations and staff communications.

1. Magic Cube

South African Airways – Brand Promotion Gift for Travel Trade

The multiple faces of the Magic Cube folding puzzle provided a large canvas to display stunning photographs of South Africa as part of a trade promotion for South African Airways. Incorporating a calendar ensured that the gift would be kept desktop all year round, serving as a long-term reminder of the brand.

  • Multiple sizes available –  7cm(Bestseller), 3cm, 5cm, 8cm, or 12cm
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Augmented Reality option available, linking in videos and other interactive elements
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2. Magic Square 150

United Airlines

United Airlines – Employee Training Tool

United Airlines chose the The Magic Square 150 as an enjoyable way for staff to learn details of an employee program to ‘recognise and be recognised’. The multiple panels allowed for key messages to be communicated clearly and in an structured way.

  • Slim size (150x150x2mm) allows for easy storage and distribution. Other sizes are available in the Magic Card range.
  • Option to be made from recycled white plastic
  • MOQ 500 pieces
  • See other folding puzzles in the range

3. Rubik’s Cube 3×3Hyatt

Hyatt Regency – Media Launch Gift

Provide the media with a ‘press release’ they won’t want to put down and they won’t forget!

Hyatt Regency used the tiles of the Rubik’s cube to showcase a new hotel property with one face given over to the company logo reinforcing the brand. The gift also came with a stand so that the cube could be kept in a prime location in the office, ensuring that the new hotel name would remain front of mind!

4. Magic Diamond


Radisson Hotels – Product Launch Calendar for Travel Trade

One of our most popular products, the Magic Diamond folding puzzle transforms from a diamond to a cube and then back to a diamond once more, displaying a series of images and marketing messages in the process. By integrating a calendar into this innovative product brochure, the Magic Diamond was sure to remain on agents’ desks all year long.

  • Magnetic closure provides gives a pleasing folding experience
  • Two sizes – Large(7cm) or Mini (5cm)
  • Augmented Reality option available.
  • See more calendar ideas

5. Rubik’s 3×3 Keychain

W Hotel

W Hotels – VIP Guest Gift

W Hotels selected the iconic Rubik’s keychain as a small but collectible gift for VIP guests that they could keep with them on their travels. The fully customizable tiles meant that W Hotels were able to highlight the values of the cube – enjoy, twist, play –  and of the brand.

  • Made from recycled plastic with full color print labels
  • Size – 34x34x34mm, also available as a 2×2 cube
  • MOQ – 500pcs
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6. Magic Revolving Tower

British Airways

British Airways – Employee Calendar

The Magic Revolving Tower takes up little deskspace yet is a highligh visible and entertaining way to keep your brand and services visible each and every day. British Airways chose the Magic Revolving Tower to highlight their brand to employees, alongside a useful calendar.

  • Size – 260x69x69mm
  • 16 full colour printed panels on four rotating tower blocks, plus branding opportunities on the base and top block
  • Made from recycled plastic
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7. Rubik’s Twist Mini

Marriott Hotel


Marriott Hotels & Resorts – Event Giveaway

The Magic Twist is a compelling twist puzzle that can be used to create up to 15 different forms – from a dog to a snowflake. With its 36 printable labels, what better way to introduce your brand benefits to your client?

  • Two sizes available – the Rubik’s Twist Mini (36 printable labels) and the Rubik’s Twist (72 printable labels)
  • Made from recycle plastic
  • See other twist puzzles

8. Magic 360 Round

Movenpick – Food & Beverage Promotion

The Magic 360 Round was used as an stylish and novel table-top display to promote upcoming F&B promotions at the hotel and resort. The magnetic stacking invites play and draws the users’ attention to each promotion in an entertaining way.

9. Rubik’s Mobile Charging Cable Set

Amadeus – Product Launch

For Amadeus, an online platform for tour operators, the Rubik’s Mobile Cable Charging Set served as an eye-catching and relevant gift for participants at a travel trade conference. The company printed product highlights on the multiple faces of the twistable Rubik’s cable holder.

10. Office Blocks Travel Set

Air Arabia

AirArabia – Client Giveaway

The captivating Office Blocks Travel Set of a mini ruler, a pen, a charging cable, a stylus and highlighter snap together helping to keep these essentials together while onboard. The items pack away neatly into a custom branded box making this a handy gift for VIP clients.

Talk to our sales team about these and other great customizable products for your travel sector promotions. We can also provide samples and marketing material, including a client-safe PDF flyer to distribute to your clients.

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