Magic Cube

MOQ: 500pcs·Lead Time: 21 days

Magic Cube

MOQ: 500pcs·Lead Time: 21 days

You'll never want to put it down!

The Original and Bestseller of the range.
The Magic Cube® turns into a flight of stairs, then into a cuboid. Picture follows upon picture, text upon text in an infinite loop.
For product launches, as a 3D catalogue, a calendar or an invitation, you can rely on the communication magic of the Cube.  Available in bestselling 7cm Cube size as well as 3cm, 5cm, 8cm, or 12cm.


  • Magnetic Closure
  • Sizes: 7cm(Bestseller), 3cm, 5cm, 8cm, or 12cm
  • Full color customization
Material Black HIPS Plastic + matt paper label
Imprint Full Offset Printing
Magnets 4pcs
Packaging Shrink wrap, Black matt Box, and stand
  • 70x70x70mm
  • 30x30x30mm
  • 50x50x50mm
  • 80x80x80mm
  • 127x127x127mm
  • 8 Magnets instead of 4
  • White Plastic blocks
  • Printed box
  • Metallic foil / Spot UV
  • Calendar grid
Packing [7CM CUBE] 50pcs/inner, 100pcs/carton GW 16kg, 41x34x41cm  [3CM CUBE] 250pcs/inner, 1000pcs/carton GW 18.5KG, 34x34x37cm  [5CM CUBE] 100pcs/inner, 200pcs/carton GW 14.5kg, 48x29x30.5CM [8CM CUBE] 40pcs/inner, 80pcs/carton GW 20kg, 45x38x37cm  [12CM CUBE] 24pcs/inner, 48pcs/carton GW 20kg, 57x42x54.5cm

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