7 Ways to Use Office Blocks to Promote Your Business

Snap-together Office Blocks are the perfect promotional giveaway for any business wanting to communicate values of ‘building’, ‘connecting’ and ‘analytical thinking’ in their marketing campaigns.

In addition, the flat surfaces of the stationery pieces provide ample space for printed messages and branding, and as useful stationery items you can be sure the products will always be kept close to hand.

We’ve compiled seven examples of how companies can use Office Blocks to communicate with their clients and stakeholders:

1.  Allianz – Insurance

Office Blocks - Allianz

  • 5-piece Pen Pot Stationery Set (2 pen pots displayed to show different printed faces)
  • Application: Playing on the popular ‘Keep Calm’ meme, the insurance company used the gift to urge clients to “Keep Calm and Build On

2. Standard & Poors – Financial Research

Office Blocks - Standard & Poors

  • 5-piece Phone Stand Set with custom-printed presentation box
  • Application: S&P Dow Jones used the Office Blocks desktop gift set to remind clients and prospects of S&P Dow Jones’s world-renowned services with the “Essential building blocks in your portfolio” slogan.

3. Deutsche Bank Asset Wealth Management, Hong Kong – Bank

Office Blocks - Deutsche Bank

  •  5-piece Office Blocks Gift Set with custom-designed packaging
  • Application: Gift for VIP clients to help keep the bank’s “getting the right signals to build your portfolio” message front of mind.

4. Grenoble Ecole de Management, France  – Business School


  •  4-piece Phone Stand Stationery Set with custom-printed full colour box
  • Application: a practical gift for recruitment fairs, designed to engage potential recruits with a creative challenge while reminding the recruit of the school’s name

5. Merck, South Africa – Pharmaceutical Lab

  • 6-piece Pen Pot & Phone Stand Stationery Set with custom-printed box
  • Application: Following Merck’s corporate rebranding, Merck employees received an interactive and useful Office Blocks desk set to communicate the new brand identity on a daily basis.

6. Microsoft – Technology

  • 6-piece Pen Pot & Phone Stand Stationery Set
  • Application:  To promote Microsoft’s EduConnect programme where volunteer Microsoft staff connect with educational establishments to share knowledge about science and technology, in particular computer science.

7. Mastercard – Finance

Office Blocks Mastercard Academy

  • 5-piece Pen Pot Stationery Set
  • Application:  Mastercard played on the creative aspect of the product to promote their Mastercard Academy

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