Top 10 Promotional Gift Ideas Students will Love!

Savvy businesses know that students are the future! Connect and engage with this audience and you have the potential for lifelong brand loyalty and customers for life. We’ve compiled a shortlist of 10 novel and engaging promotional gifts that will have special appeal to students, and allow you a to make those important early connections!

Office Blocks Pen Pot Set


Office Blocks Pen Pot Set

  • Popular for STEM students or businesses
  • Up to 11 Office Blocks items available to create custom gift sets

Practical and playful, the clip-together Office Blocks Pen Pot Set sits neatly on a student’s desk right through to graduation day. Learn More >>

Rubiks Highlighter


Rubik’s Highlighter Puzzle Pen Set

  • Magnetic snap-together puzzle
  • Economical and space efficient

As anyone who has been a student knows, highlighting key facts is a critical part of revision so you know these puzzle highlighter pens will be gratefully received. At only 57x20x20mm the Highlighter Puzzle Pen Set is a handy giveaway for recruitment fairs and other large volume events. Learn More >>

Mobile Charging Cable Set - Tags



Mobile Charging Cable Set

  • Clips to bag strap so making sure that the charger cable is always close to hand
  • Can also be used as keychain
  • Other mobile accessories also available

Any kind of mobile accessory is sure to be a winner when it comes to students who depend on their smart phone to keep in touch. The Mobile Charging Cable Set is an economical way to delight students with the handy charging cable set.  Learn More >>

Rubik's with AR

Rubik’s Cube with Augmented Reality

  • Create unforgettable experiences with AR
  • Large print area for branding

Make a long-lasting impression with this combination of the world’s most famous toy and the latest technology – Augmented Reality (AR). Our AR functionality allows brands to add AR experiences such as ‘floating’ 3D logos or object, and videos.  Learn More >>


Magic Cube

  • Large print surface area
  • Unfolding puzzle with magnetic closure
  • Also available with Augmented Reality experience

The Magic Cube is an excellent giveaway for occasions – such as recruitment fairs or registration week – when an organization wishes to communicate a large amount of information in an engaging way. As the puzzle unfolds, new information panels appear. Learn More >>


Powerman Power Bank

Powerman Power Bank

  • Create your own Powerman character – option to choose the face, hair color, outfit (businessman, construction worker, delivery man, shop assistant, doctor, and more)

A ‘powerful’ giveaway that helps students keep their smart phones powered up as they rush from lecture to lecture. Learn More >>


Sliding Pen Pot

Sliding Pen Pot

  • Large print area suitable for calendars or graphics
  • Twistable blocks allow for creativity in design to engage students

Another desktop accessory promising long-term brand exposure. Magnetic surface creates a paperclip tidy.  Learn More >>

Rubik's Key Rings


Rubik’s Cube 3×3 Keychain

  • Perfect for large volume campaigns, with good exposure and fantastic value-for-money.
  • Horizontal twist puzzle 

For many students going to college brings a new independence with a new accommodation and perhaps even a new car! Can there be a better time to be handing out these engaging Rubik’s keychains? Learn More >>

Magnetic 360 Round


Magnetic 360 Round

  • Turn your student calendar into an engaging desk accessory
  • Magnetic blocks allow user to pull, twist and snap together

Desktop longevity and the appealing magnetic play action make the Magnetic 360 Round an innovative way to display a calendar or other important messaging. Learn More >>

Bubble Pen

Bubble Pen

  • Customise the floater, liquid color and barrel
  • A stand-out giveaway for large events that will certainly attract attention

One of several products in the Aqua Range, the Bubble Pen floater and globe turns an ordinary pen giveaway into an entrancing toy. Learn More >>

To learn more about our range of products that are perfect for the education market, please feel free to contact our experienced sales team using the contact form.

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