Top 10 Promotional Gift Ideas Students will Love!


University focus - Corporate promotional gifts

Demand from universities and business schools around the world remains strong. Be inspired by our engaging range that’s designed for success with large print areas and a playful and practical function.

Magic Cube - University Focus

Magic Cube

  • Large print surface area
  • Folding puzzle with magnetic closure
  • Also available with Augmented Reality experience

The Magic Cube is an excellent giveaway for occasions – such as recruitment fairs or registration week – when an organization wishes to communicate a large amount of information in an engaging way. As the puzzle unfolds, new information panels appear. Learn More >>

Rubik's Cubes

Rubik’s Cube 3×3 (57mm)

  • The most popular toy in the world
  • The original and bestselling Rubik’s Cube of the range.

The Rubik’s brand is associated with ingenuity so Rubik’s is ideal as a giveaway for the education sector. The 6 faces and 54 printable sections provide a large print area for your branding promotion. Optional accessories include a desk stand and full color print packaging. Also suitable for Augmented Reality experiences.  Learn More >>

Pop Up Phone Stand

Pop Up Paper Phone Stand

  • Full-color customization and mailer ready
  • Recyclable and printed with vegetable ink

The easy way to watch webinars and attend class online –  or enjoy video chats with friends! This ingenious pocket-sized fold-away phone stand gives ample space for promotion. Perfect for high-volume Millennial campaigns. Learn More >>

Pop Up Slider Phone Stand

Pop Up Paper Slider Phone Stand

  • All the benefits of the Pop Up Mobile Phone Stand but with an additional slide-up tab

The vertical slide-up tab allows an extra option for creative design. Use the space for a QR code, image, slogan or AR trigger.  Learn More >>

Sensory Rubik's Cube

Rubik’s Sensory Cube

  • 3D sensory tiles on 5 surfaces create the new touch challenge!
  • Inclusive design for all, including the visually impaired

The new Rubik’s Sensory Cube stimulates the senses and focuses the mind with its 3D textured shapes on 5 surfaces,. Client customization displays on the 6th surface with custom UV print.   Learn More >>

3-Panel Pen Pot

Magic 3-Panel Pen Pot

  • Desktop visibility with large full color display
  • Interactive with magnetic closure

An amazing cube pen pot that unfolds into a panoramic billboard, communicating your brand message right on a student’s desktop! Suitable format for an academic calendar.  Learn More >>

Rubik's Key Rings

Rubik’s Cube 3×3 Keychain

  • Perfect for large volume campaigns, with great exposure and fantastic value-for-money.
  • Horizontal twist puzzle 

For many students going to college brings a new independence with new accommodation and perhaps even a new car! What better time to hand out these engaging Rubik’s keychains? Learn More >>

Magnetic 360 Round

Magnetic 360 Round

  • Large print area for communication, including calendars
  • Magnetic closure allows the student to stack, twist and play

A playful desktop paperweight provides students a fidget toy and keeps your message in clear site through the year. Creative artwork can create a puzzle which is solved when pieces are stacked in the right order. Also available in a square and triangle shape.  Learn More >>

Rubik's Pen Pot

Rubik’s Pen Pot

  • An engaging pen pot with the Rubik’s difference
  • Integrated magnets allow for the tidy storage of paperclips.

Every student needs a pen pot and this ingenious pen pot invites engagement as the user twists the pen pot to solve a communication or branding puzzle. Add an additional dimension with Augmented Reality, triggering a video or 3D logo experience.  Learn More >>

Office Blocks

Office Blocks Stationery Sets

  • Popular for STEM students
  • Up to 11 Office Blocks items available to create custom gift sets

Practical and playful, the clip-together Office Blocks stationery items sit neatly on a student’s desk right through to graduation day. Learn More >>


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