10 Best 3D-Media Direct Mail Ideas to Engage your Prospects

10 Best 3D-Media Direct Mail Ideas to Engage your Prospects

Pop-up Phone Stand designed for teleconferencing

1. Pop-up Phone Stand

  • Folds down flat for easy mailing
  • Pops up to create a handy phone stand, perfect for teleconferencing
  • Practical value ensures continual use and long-term brand exposure

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Rubik's 3x3

2. Rubik’s 3×3

  • Compact size for mailing
  • The world’s best-selling toy
  • Engaging and long lasting branding
  • Available with customised presentation and mailing box

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3 Panel Pen Pot

3. 3-Panel Pen Pot with customized box

  • A welcome gift for a home office
  • Packs flat for easy mailing
  • Large display area for communication – a desktop billboard!

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Magic Card 160 with mailing envelope

4. Magic Card 160

  • Small in size but powerful in communicating product benefits
  • Folding puzzle engages through the folding sequence
  • Mailer ready at just 2mm thickness

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Genii Webkey cards with USB

5.  Genii Webkey

  • Increase conversions: supplement your print direct mail with access to additional content – website, app or video – through the integrated Genii Webkey
  • Customisable die-cut cards allow design creativity to catch audience’s attention
  • Option for USB, or for a NFC card for mobile connectivity

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Magic Can Folder flat for easy mailing

6.   Magic Can 

  • Can shape allows fun branding associations
  • Folds flat for easy mailing in custom-branded box
  • Intriguing folding puzzle allows engaging communication of your product/service benefits
  • Sits desktop for longevity

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Rubik's EDGE

7. Rubik’s EDGE

  • Celebrating Rubik’s 40th anniversary, the new Rubik’s EDGE puzzle
  • Folds flat for easy mailing inside custom-branded box
  • A high-value gift associated with the famous Rubik’s brand
  • Engaging and fun!

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Magic Cube packs flat for easy mailing

8.  Magic Cube 

  • The original and bestseller of the Magic Concepts range
  • Engaging magnetic folding puzzle folds flat for post-friendly packaging
  • Multiple print panels for product/service benefits or other information
  • Desktop longevity
  • Range of sizes available –   7cm (bestseller), 3cm, 5cm, 8cm, or 12cm

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9.  Magic Tile

  • Folds out to form a panoramic panel for dramatic visuals
  • Engaging folding puzzle with Augmented Reality options to increase engagement
  • Packs flat for easy mailing

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Magic Square 150 with post-friendly envelope

10.  Magic Square 150

  • Engaging folding puzzle sequentially reveals information
  • Augmented Reality options available to increase engagement
  • Slim design easily distributed through the post

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Talk to our sales team about these and other great customizable products for luxury brand campaigns. We can also provide samples and marketing material, including a client-safe PDF flyer to distribute to your clients.


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