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We’re all delighted to see business opening up and staff starting to return to their offices. But since the pandemic started, the working landscape has changed significantly, and this means businesses need to adapt:

The Challenges

  • A hybrid ‘work from home/office’ workplace: The hybrid work from home/office trend is here to stay and with many companies adopting staffing ‘bubbles’ as a safety measure, the employee community has become fragmented.
  • Fewer events and meeting points: Zoom meetings are the new normal; we are traveling less and it is probable that we will attend fewer events and seminars for the foreseeable future.
  • Internal communication challenge: With a fragmented work community, the usual avenue of employee communication via seminars/trainings/meetings has become a challenge.
  • Zoom fatigue: At the same time virtual meetings are becoming less effective as teams dread the next Zoom call, struggling to focus.

The business world is realizing that the lack of communication with clients and especially with internal communication will be a major challenge for their organisation.

The 3D Media Solution!

3D Media Products

Our 3D Media range addresses many of the challenges that companies face in this new landscape.

  • Fun: surprising, entertaining and charged with positive emotion, your brand message is easily accepted by the engaged user.
  • Designed for communication: Our 3D media is designed to allow for your brand communication to literally ‘unfold’, and also give repeat exposure through engagement and use, providing a physical connection with your brand.
  • Nomadic: Our 3D media travels with you; use it at your desk, pack it in your bag and use it on the go for your remote office work.
  • Sustainable/ Recycled: Eco conscious and communicating good vibes to your teams and clients!
  • Easy to deliver: whether you plan to distribute by post, in an employee kit, or dropping it on a desk, we have the ideal item available.

Benefits of 3D Media

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