10 Ideas to Boost Internal Communication

According to Gallup (2018), organizations that are successful in engaging their employees achieve substantially better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents, and 21% higher profitability.

Effective internal communication increases a company’s performance at all levels

In this post we showcase 10 ways in which top performing Fortune 500 companies have used Magic Concepts to boost internal communication and increase employee engagement!

1. Employee Values

Facebook (United States, social media) chose the Magic Diamond as a creative way to engage teams with the company’s five core values: ‘Focus on Impact’, ‘Move Fast’, ‘Be Bold’, ‘Be Open’, and ‘Build Social Value’.

Facebook Internal Communications Magic Cube

2. Corporate Anniversary

To celebrate its 75th anniversary, roof VKR (Denmark, roof glazing solutions) selected the Magic Cube  to showcase the company’s important milestones in an engaging way. The quality ‘touch and feel’ finish and the high-end individual gift box provided VKR with a premium gift appropriate to the celebration.

3. Recruitment

AbbVie (United States, biopharmaceuticals) used the Magic Card 160 as an event handout to educate potential candidates about AbbVie’s oncology services. The Magic Card 160 included an Augmented Reality option which allowed users to watch interviews from AbbVie employees and leadership.

Abbvie Internal Communications Magic Card 160

4. Onboarding

Abbott (United States, healthcare) selected the compact Magic Square 150 to welcome new employees, and share key information relevant to their first 90 days at the company, as well share information about HR resources available.

Abbot Internal Communications Magic Card 150

5. Training

Karcher (Germany, cleaning technology) used the Magic Cube as an entertaining way to remind staff of online security best practices. The many faces allow the communication of a large amount of important information in an efficient and engaging way.

Kurcher Internal Communications Magic Cube

6. Strategic Objectives

To unite employees around the company’s strategic objectives, Porsche (Germany, automaker) selected the Magic Cube. The cleverly designed cube provided employees with a reminder of the corporate strategy every time they played with the folding cube puzzle.

7. Branded Calendar


Konica Minolta (Japan, technology) chose the Magic Diamond as an attractive way to display a calendar as well as to communicate key corporate values. The construction included the standard magnetic closure, the signature quality finish plus a special metallic finish for added effect.

8. Visual Identity

To communicate its brand and logo guidelines Autogrill (Italy, catering), distributedMagic Cubes printed with their branding guidelines as an effective and engaging way to communicate their new visual identity to creative teams.


9. Productivity & Satisfaction Booster

Essilor (France, optical lenses) used the Magic Cube in a novel way to reduce unwanted interruptions and increase productivity in the workplace. Using the printed Magic Cube, employees could give colleauges a good-natured visual hint as to their availability, or mood.


10. Company Vision

Anthem (United States, insurance) ordered Magic Cube to communicate its principles and vision to its entire workforce in an entertaining way.

Magic Concepts products are a popular way to communicate with employees as the large surface areas provide ample space for key messages and the folding puzzle intrigues and engages. While some products are designed to stay desktop, providing a continual reminder of messaging, other flat designs are perfect for mailing or handing out at events. To learn more about the range, please feel free to contact our experienced sales team using the contact form.


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