10 Ideas to Boost Internal Communication

Companies that engage their employees achieve higher performance: 147% higher profitability compared with their competition according a 2013 Gallup survey !

Here are 10 ways that Fortune 500 companies use Magic Concepts to achieve this goal


Branded Calendar

To engage and delight its employees, technology company Konica Minolta chose the Diamond Cube Calendar. The item featured the signature quality finish and magnets as well as a special metallic finish for added effect.


Abbott used this dynamic Magic Cube design to inspire and engage its teams! Each panel contained the brand’s company values as well as inspiring quote and pictures.


To celebrate its 75th anniversary, company VKR selected the Magic Cube to commemorate the company’s milestone, and offered them to its teams across the world. The cubes showing the company’s history where chosen for their quality touch and feel, and offered in a high-end individual gift box.

Welcome Gift

Allsup, the US insurer, chose the Magic Triangle for its creative shape – and distributed it as an engaging employee gift, allowing new staff to engage with its company values and company facts!

Strategic Objectives

To focus and engage teams, auto-maker Porsche ordered custom Magic Cubes showcasing the company strategy. A clever way for collaborators to be reminded of the strategy each time they played with the Cube.

Company Vision

US insurance company Anthem ordered this Magic Cube to communicate its vision across its entire workforce!

Digital Tool Launch

BP, the world’s 6th largest oil company, used the Magic Can for the launch of a Knowledge Management tool among its workforce. The Magic Can artwork was designed as an oil barrel on the outside, and contained a step-by-step problem solving process on the inside.

Training Booster

To boost the effectiveness of its training, Chanel increased retention by giving a Magic Cube gift, designed with the training learnings. The result is the training would be remembered and reinforced every time they engaged with the Cube. A clever and cost-effective way to boost training investments!

Visual Identity

To communicate its brand and logo guidelines Autogrill, a catering company operating in over 40 countries, distributed Magic Concepts items printed with their branding guidelines as an effective and engaging way to communicate their new visual identity to creative teams


Productivity & Satisfaction Booster

This Magic Cube used by glasses-maker Essilor‘s staff helped reduced interruptions in the workplace and improved employee satisfaction/productivity, by giving a visual cue of whether colleagues in the open-space environment where busy/available.


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