Corporate Gift Case Studies to Inspire You – Magic Concepts Range

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Corporate Gift Case Studies to Inspire You – Magic Concepts Range

Why clients choose Magic Concepts for their marketing communication: 

  1. Magic Concepts is a range of engaging folding puzzles that deliver your company message in a memorable way. With full color printing customization and numerous display panels your story can literally unfold in your prospect’s hands. The magnetic closure on many of the products in the range further enhances the product experience.
  2. The range includes many imaginative shapes, from cubes to diamonds, from a pill shape to a can shape, and this allows for creativity in your marketing with clients often choosing a shape to represent their product.
  3. The Augmented Reality option allows for a 3D experience such as a video or interactive logo to trigger on the user’s smart phone.
  4. Products are designed with the environment in mind and most are constructed using recycled plastic. We also offer the option for recycled paper or card packaging.

With distance communication a new normal, Magic Concepts provides a powerful way to share your marketing message with prospects, clients, investors and employees.

Case Studies 

The following are a selection of client case studies using Magic Concepts. Please see our porfolio section to see more examples.

Software – Infosys, India

To welcome new Infosys employees and create a memorable experience, the company included a Magic Tile with a video Augmented Reality (AR) experience in their employee welcome packs. While the object communicated on the values, the AR amazed and created a memorable experience.

See Product Video and Specification >>

Recruitment – LVI Associates, UK


LVI Associates, a leading construction engineering recruitment agency, chose the Magic Square 150 folding card and envelope to form part of a mailer to introduce the company’s talent acquisition services to engineering clients.

See Product Video and Specification >>

Insurance – MACIF, France

MACIF, a French mutual insurance company, selected the Magic Container to promote the launch of a car insurance product, using the panels to communicate the service benefits.

See Product Video and Specification >>

Media – Spectrum Reach, US

Spectrum Reach, a major US media sales company, used the intrigue of the Magic Diamond to introduce the company values to employees after a brand repositioning.

See Product Video and Specification >>

Electronics – Infineon, Europe

Infineon, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers worldwide, introduced the company’s service portfolio to energy/mobility partners using the Magic Cube. The campaign also made use of our AR option which allowed people to access a branded experience/video.

See Product Video and Specification >>

Talk to our sales team about these and other great customizable products for your communication promotions. We can also provide samples and marketing material, including a client-safe PDF flyer to distribute to your clients.

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