3D Media corporate gifts for the industrial sector

Corporate Gifts for Industrial Sector Businesses


The industrial sector often suffers from an image of being dull and information-heavy when it comes to marketing, but 3D Media such as the Rubik’s Cube and the Magic Concepts ranges offer away in which these businesses can communicate in an engaging way that grabs the user’s attention. The mechanical ingenuity of the 3D media products transfers well to the values that these companies want to communicate about their brands such as inventiveness and originality.

Enjoy discovering some of our case studies

1. BASF – Corporate Values and Branding with the Magic Diamond

BASF chose the Magic Diamond to highlight its corporate values using the panels to show the different values and services, as well as photos of their employees and different facilities.

BASF Magic Diamond

Magic Diamond

  • The folding puzzle folds through a sequence creating a series of shapes including a cube and diamond.
  • Made with recycled plastic and with a magnetic closure.
  • Full colour customization on multiple panels.
  • Two sizes available – large (7cm) and mini (5cm).

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2. Siemens – Corporate Values with the Rubik’s Pen Pot

Siemens chose the Rubik’s Pen Pot to build awareness of the company’s values as the messaging would be visible desktop for a long period of time. The twisting Rubik’s function increases user engagement and perceived value so that this pen pot remains a valued gift.

Siemens - Rubik's Pen Pot

Rubik’s Pen Pot

  • Makes a strong statement about creativity and problem solving with its twisting blocks.
  • Magnetic side section to hold paper clips.
  • Full customizable on six sides.
  • Made with recycled plastic.
  • Augmented Reality option.

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3. Atlas CopCo – Product Infographic with the Magic Container

Sweden’s Atlas CopCo highlighted the efficiencies of their industrial generators using a Magic Container that was printed to look like a generator when closed.


Atlas CoCo - Magic Container

Magic Container

  • A folding puzzle that reveals multiple customizable panels.
  • Made with recycled plastic and with magnetic closure.
  • Two sizes available: large (7cm) or mini (5cm).
  • Augmented Reality an option.

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4. Sandvik – Brand Anniversary with the Rubik’s Cube 3×3

In France Sandvik marked the occasion of their 70th anniversary with a special commemorative branded Rubik’s cube.

Sandvik Rubik's Cube 3x3

Rubik’s Cube

  • The iconic and original Rubik’s Cube is customizable on all six faces to create a branded challenge of your own.
  • Made with recycled plastic.
  • High level of user engagement and ‘keepability’.
  • Augmented Reality option.

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5.  Henkel – Internal Communication with Magic Cube

To support the company’s recruitment activities, Henkel gave employees a Magic Cube that promoted ways in which staff could be a talent embassador, while also featuring a calendar to give employees an additional reason for keeping their Magic Cube on their desks all year long. The company also used QR codes to lead employees through to relevant web pages with additional information.

Henkel Magic Cube

Magic Cube

  • Folding puzzle with magnetic closure.
  • Made with recycled plastic.
  • A large print area with full colour customization.
  • Available in a range of sizes – 7cm (bestseller), 3cm, 5cm, 8cm, or 12cm.
  • Augmented Reality option.

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6. Caterpillar – Service Portfolio with the Sliding Pen Pot

Caterpillar gave away a Sliding Pen Pot as a gift to clients and employees to promote their range of services and technologies using the large customizable sides of the pen pot. The combination of functionality and fun meant that this was a gift that stood apart from other corporate gifts.

Caterpillar - Sliding Pen Pot

Sliding Pen Pot

  • A funtional twisting pen pot with a magnetic section to attach/tidy paper clips.
  • Made with recycled plastic.
  • A large print area with full colour customization.

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7. ITG – Recruitment / Onboarding with Office Blocks

ITG welcomed new employees to the company with a practical gift of a branded Office Blocks desk set. The interlocking building blocks click together allowing the employee to create their own desktop configuration.

ITG - Office Blocks

Office Blocks Desk Set

  • Create your own custom desk set, choosing from the 11 different Office Block stationery items, from pens to a phone stand or pen pot.
  • Pad print customisation on all surfaces.
  • Custom printed gift box.

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8. Cummins – Corporate Values with Rubik’s 2×2

Cummins Inc,  an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and distributes engines, filtration, and power generation products, gave employees attending an internal event Rubik’s 2×2 cubes that reminded employees of the company’s values as they played.

Cummins Magic Cube

Rubik’s Cube 2×2

  • The iconic Rubik’s in a simpler 2×2 format.
  • Made with recycled plastic.
  • A large print area with full colour customization.
  • Available in a range of sizes – 757mm, 38mm and 24mm

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9. Velux – Educational client communication with the Magic House

Velux, Danish manufacturers of roof windows, skylights and suntunnels, used the Magic House to educate clients and prospects about the importance of high quality window installations. The eye-catching Magic Houses were handed out in stores.

Velux Magic House

Magic House

  • An innovatively shaped folding puzzle that reveals multiple customizable faces as it unfolds through a series of shapes before reformating as a house.
  • A large print area with full colour customization.
  • Available in two sizes – large (119x122x13mm) or small (100x104x13mm)

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10. Sandvik – Corporate Brochure with the Magic Cube

Sandvik chose the Magic Cube as a way to raise awareness of the company’s products and services. The multiple faces of the Magic Cube provided the company with a novel and engaging way to inform prospects and clients about the company’s business.

Sandvik - Magic Cube

Magic Cube

  • Folding puzzle with magnetic closure.
  • Made with recycled plastic.
  • A large print area with full colour customization.
  • Available in a range of sizes – 7cm (bestseller), 3cm, 5cm, 8cm, or 12cm.

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Why Choose 3D Media

Benefits of 3D Media

  1. Playful and engaging: All 3D Media invite play and interaction, whether it is a twisting Rubik’s puzzle or a folding Magic Concepts puzzle. This engagement puts a value on the product which ensures the effectiveness of 3D Media as a marketing medium.
  2. Eco-friendly: Most of our 3D Media products are made with recycled plastic, or are paper based so that they will easily break down after use. In addition, the products have value so are not instantly put in the trash like so many other promotional goods.
  3. Effective communication: we learn when we are engaged and 3D Media is designed to draw attention to your messaging. In particular, the multi-panel and customizable Magic Concepts range allows for story telling and communication of more complex ideas.
  4. Long-term appeal: Our 3D media products are designed to bring value to a user’s life, whether it be as a plaything or a functional item such as a pen pot. This means that 3D media products provide users with an ongoing reminder of  your marketing message for a far longer period than many other disposable products.


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