Top Ways to Use the Eco-Friendly Paper Line in your Marketing

Paperline - sustainable marketing

The unique features of the Paper Line range make these novel desktop accessories ideal for a whole range of applications. Let us show you the top ways to use the eco-friendly Paper Line in your marketing.

Benefits of the range

  • Eco-friendly paper construction meets clients’ sustainability goals
  • Functionality and desk-top visibility ensure that your brand message remains top of mind
  • Easily distributed, either through mail or as handouts
  • Full colour printing for your marketing message

How to use the range in your marketing

Pop Up Desk Set

Events, Courses, Webinars, Meetings, Conferences and Seminars
This desk set has been used by clients as a novel way to invite guests to events, courses and webinars. Event information or key takeaways can be printed on the desk set, and the invitation doubles up as a handy phone stand and pen pot ready for attendees to use.

The desk set is also a great handout for meetings, conferences and seminars, packaged together with notepads, pens and other event information. Learn More >

Pop Up Phone Stand

Pop Up Phone Stand

Branding, Business Card, Desktop Reminder
The Pop Up Phone Stand is often used as a supplementary giveaway, handed out with a brochure or catalogue. While the brochure or catalogue may be put away in a cupboard, the Phone Stand will remain as a desktop reminder of your message. An additional effective strategy is to include a QR code on the Phone Stand that directs a client to an online catalogue or portfolio. Learn More >

Pop Up Slider Phone Stand

Pop Up Slider Phone Stand

Branding, Business Card, Desktop Reminder
The Pop Up Slider Phone Stand is new in the range and while being similar to the original Pop Up Phone Stand (above), the Slider Phone Stand features a tab that slides up as the stand opens up. This provides a creative advertising opportunity as the tab can be used for an image or message that reveals itself on opening. Like the Pop Up Phone Stand, the Pop Up Slider Phone Stand is ideal for branding, a creative business card or as a desktop reminder as part of a larger campaign. Learn More >

Fold Up Phone Stand

Fold Up Phone Stand

Internal Communications, Onboarding and Training
The Fold Up Phone Stand features a large full colour print area which lends itself to projects such as internal communications, onboarding and training.

As a desktop accessory, the Fold Up Phone Stand is ideal for keeping important information to hand, such as key telephone numbers and departmental contacts, a company’s mission and vision statement, wellbeing messaging, INCO, SKU or tax codes, infographics explaining company processes, a calender and more. Learn More >

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