Top Promotional Gifts using Augmented Reality – Case Studies

Top Promotional Gifts using Augmented Reality – Case Studies

Augmented Reality – a Trending Topic

With the announcement of Facebook’s Metaverse, everyone is talking about Augmented Reality and you can expect to see Augmented Reality becoming a mainstream feature of everyday life. While the topic is hot now, our clients have been benefiting from the delight and intrigue created by Augmented Reality for some years now.

Augmented Reality provides a Triple Benefit to your Promotions

  • its novelty catches the attention of your target audience,
  • the physical-to-digital technology provides additional channels through which to communicate,
  • and it provides trackable results.

Infosys – Internal Communication

Magic Tile with Augmented Reality 3D Logo and Video

Infosys Augmented Reality

Infosys augmented Reality gif

To welcome new Infosys employees and create a memorable experience, IT and business consulting multinational Infosys included Magic Tiles with AR video and 3D logo in employee welcome packs. While the Magic Tile communicated on company values, the AR amazed employees and created a memorable experience. Read more.

Amdocs Sales Aid for Product Launch

Rubik’s with Augmented Reality 3D Logo

AmDocs Augmented Reality

Amdocs, a multinational corporation specializing in software and services, leveraged the innovative Augmented Reality technology with the renowned Rubik’s cube to communicate the features of their product ProFit.

Grankaz Client Calendar

Touchpoint Magnetic 360 with Augmented Reality 3D Logo

Augmented Reality Grankaz

As an end-of-year gift, Seychellois casino Grankaz gave clients a branded Magnetic 360 Round AR Calendar. Using the Augmented Reality App, clients are able to play with the Grankaz logo and engage all year long. Read more.

Prominate – Direct Mailer to Communicate a Rebrand

Magic Card 160 with AR Video


Prominate Gif Movie to show ARUsing a Magic Card 160 direct mailer to reach clients and contacts, Prominate was able use an AR Video to capture clients’ attention and communicate the “Why” behind their rebrand! Read more.


Rick & Morty Retail Calendar

Magic Cube with AR Custom Shape

Rick & Morty

The special Rick and Morty branded calender cubes sold in selected gift shops wowed fans with an AR experience where a 3D “Meeseek” character appears standing on the cube on AR activation.

Bemer – Educational Tool for Exhibition

Magic Can with Augmented Reality Video

Bemer Augmented Reality

Pharmaceutical company Bemer made clever use of Magic Can to represent blood vessels. When viewed with the AR app, the blood flow becomes animated, showing optimal and restricted blood circulation so highlighting the benefits of Bemer Therapy. The can also provides advice on how to maintain a healthy blood circulation. Read more.

Medtronic – Internal Communications Campaign

Magic Cube with AR Custom Shape

Medtronic Gif with Augmented realityTo re-engage employees with its corporate values and mission, Medtronic distributed the Magic Cube with an Augmented Reality 3D Custom Shape option to employees worldwide at internal events/ceremonies. The company used the many surfaces of the cube to communicate brand values through print, while the AR Custom Shape – a digital version of the company’s Medallion, a symbol of Medtronic’s Culture and commitment to Customers – playfully reinforced the communication. Read more.

Havas – Greeting Card

Magic Card 160 with AR Video

Havas Augmented Reality

Havas AR

French multinational advertising and public relations company Havas’ digital-savvy prospects were sent a Magic Card 160 mailer with envelope. Recipients were able to launch the new agency video on their smart phone by focusing on the Augmented Reality ‘marker’ printed on the card.


First Tech – Giveaway

Rubik’s Cube with Augmented Reality  3D Logo

First Tech AR Giveaway

First Tech GifFirst Tech, a California-based credit union, decided to associate their brand image with the renowned 3X3 Rubik’s Cube, a product that conveys values such as cleverness and creativity. To engage members further still, the company added a digital dimension to the physical giveaway, using the AR option to generate a playful ‘floating’ 3D logo.

DELL EMC – Tech Event Giveaway

Magic Cube with Augmented Reality 3D Logo

Dell Augmented Reality

Dell GifDELL EMC brought together print and digital in this successful event giveaway where the marker on the folding Magic Cube triggered a floating 3D logo AR interaction via the user’s smartphone. The AR experience delighted DELL’s tech-savvy guests with a 347% connection rate proving their engagement.

Lever – Brand Anniversary and Internal Communications

Magic Cube with AR Custom Shape and Slideshow

Lever Augmented Reality

To celebrate its 200th anniversary and communicate their strategy in an engaging way to employees, safety valve manufacturer Leser designed a Magic Cube with an added AR option enabling clients to play with a 3D model of its product, and watch key company messages through the App.

Together with Intermed’s proven interactive puzzle products, the addition of AR experiences provides the hottest way to engage your clients, staff and prospects in 2021. Contact us to learn more.

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