Rubik’s Lends its ‘Cool’ to Luxury Brands Seeking to Connect with Younger Consumers


Rubik's Luxury Brands Collaborations

A ‘cool’ connection for a younger generation

Established brands are always seeking ways to build relevancy with a new generation of consumers, and luxury brands are no different. In the past few years we saw the ‘Luxury Brand X Skateboard’ trend, triggered by the rapid rise in the popularity of skateboarding after the sport’s debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The trend gave rise to a series of high profile luxury brand collaborations such as Hermés skateboards, Louis Vuitton’s first skate shoe and a Harrods’ skate collaboration for Christmas 2021.

More recently we have seen a surging interest in ‘Luxury Brand x Rubik’s’ collaborations. While always enjoying a place under the spotlight in popular culture, Rubik’s has seen a resurgence in popularity through the pandemic, according to Forbes, appealing to yet another generation of cubing enthusiasts.

Rubik’s attributes resonate with luxury brands

Rubik’s is perceived as being a toy for the smarter consumer and gives the impression of a sharp intellect which aligns well with the values of luxury brands. In addition, Rubik’s is recognised as a marvel of engineering and despite its small size, it is a known as a quality product.

Rubik’s also scores top marks when it comes to sustainability, a value that resonates strongly with the new generation of consumers. The cubes are constructed with recycled plastic and clients have the option of using recycled paper for packaging.

In addition, Rubik’s scores top marks when it comes to sustainability, a value that resonates strongly with the new generation of consumers.

A hot trend

In the retail world we have seen Rubik’s collaborations with YSL producing a rhinestone embellished cube, and in Japan, the exquisite Kutani porcelain cube.

Kutani Rubik's Cube

This trend is also hot in the world of BtC promotions, as we have worked with many major brands such as YSL, Armani, Chanel, Dior, MCM and more to create Rubik’s collaborations that leverage Rubik’s ‘cool’ credentials to speak to a new generation of consumers.

To see example of recent Rubik’s X Luxury Brand collaborations please see our case studies:

Luxury Logos

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