Pop Up Mobile Phone Holders – Corporate Gift Case Studies to Inspire You

Mobile Phone Holder Phone Stand

The Popup Mobile Phone Stand is the  ideal promotional giveaway to connect with prospects and customers in a digital and remote world.

  • Distance communication – the lightweight phone holder folds flat and is easily mailed directly to customers or prospects, even during times of lockdown or work from home.
  • Relevant – as a mobile phone holder, the stand provides the perfect connection between your client and your digital communication, whether it be a webinar, website or video. Why not include a Popup Mobile Phone Stand with an invitation to your next online event or website launch?
  • Quality eco construction – Despite its compact size, the phone holder is constructed of thick card with a quality finish using eco-friendly paper, and is regularly used for VIP campaigns.

Case Studies 

See how the following brands have used the Popup Mobile Phone Stand for their marketing campaigns,  inviting clients and prospects to learn more about their brands through website or video links, invitations to learning portals or webinars.

Clients represent a range of industries including finance, education, media, F&B, FMCG, utilities, pharmaceuticals,  and IT

Mobile Phone Stand Banking - Sparkasse

Banking Services Promotion – Sparkasse Germany

  • Mailed out to selected clients with an offer to sign up for Sparkasse’s new GIRO account.
  • The Popup came with a custom printed Kraft paper belly band.
  • Order Quantity : 500pcs

Mobile Phone Holder - BFS Health Finance

Service Promotion – BFS Health Finance Germany

  • Present BFS Health’s financial services offer.
  • The Phone Stand was chosen to echo BFS’ focus on sustainability and came with a custom printed kraft belly band. The QR code linked recipients to a BFS website.
  • Order Quantity : 1,600 pcs

Mobile Phone Holder Event Giveaway – Google Singapore

Event Giveaway Linking to Company Website – Google Singapore

  • A handy gift given out during an app developer event.
  • The Phone Stand was printed with a QR Code driving attendees to Google Cloud’s website.
  • Order Quantity : 1,500pcs

Mobile Phone Holder Seasonal Product & Service Awareness Campaign  - Braun France

Product & Service Website Awareness Campaign  – Braun France

  • A Xmas mailer sent to Braun’s top distributors.
  • Printed with a QR Code leading recipients to Braun’s webpage where they could discover Braun’s range of products and services.
  • Order Quantity : 1,500pcs

Mobile Phone Holder - Sparkasse Giveaway

Client Gift Promoting Services – Sparkasse Germany

  • Given to clients as a gift during meetings with their bank advisor.
  • The playful credit card design piqued the curiosity of clients, increasing signups.
  • Order Quantity : 10,000pcs.

Recruitment handout - Fuchs Italy

Student Recruitment Handout – Fuchs Italy

  • A memorable handout given to graduates at recruitment events in Italy.
  • The Popup was chosen as a great item to connect with mobile-savvy millennials.
  • Order Quantity : 1,500pcs

Service Awareness - Bertelsmann Germany

Livestream TV Awareness  Campaign – Bertelsmann Germany

  • Part of a branded giveaway to drive awareness to Phoenix’ Livestream TV which can be accessed from a mobile phone.
  • Presented with a custom printed 4-color belly band.
  • Order Quantity : 5,000pcs

A VIP Giveaway – Raiffeisenbank Private Banking German

VIP Giveaway – Raiffeisenbank Private Banking, Germany

  • A premium and eco-conscious giveaway for Raiffeisenbank’s private bank customers.
  • The phone stand was printed with a metallic Pantone color for a premium look and feel.
  • Order Quantity : 2,000pcs

Mobile Phone Holder - Education HK

Online Learning Platform Promotion – HK Danmark

  • Part of a campaign to drive awareness on HK’s online learning platform.
  • The Popup was chosen to highlight that users can access the tool from their mobile phone
  • Order Quantity : 1,500pcs

Website Promotion - Veolia France

Eco-friendly Promotion of Website – Veolia France

  • Handed out to consumers in the Paris region to promote Veolia’s new water-awareness website.
  • The Popup Mobile Phone Stand was chosen thanks to is eco-friendly construction that tied in with the campaign messaging.
  • Order Quantity : 10,000 pcs

Product Awareness with Link to  Promotional Video – Sanofi Germany

  • Given to pharmacists during visits to drive awareness of Sanofi’s flagship cough syrup solution.
  • Printed with a QR code linking to an educational video about the drug.
  • Order Quantity : 30,000 pcs

Christmas Promotion - Gaffel Kolsch

Campaign Promoting Brand YouTube Channel – Gaffel Kolsch

  • Part of a Christmas direct-mail campaign which included a Christmas card and the Popup Phone Stand.
  • The Popup was printed with a QR code driving recipients to Gaffel Kölsch’s YouTube channel.
  • Order Quantity : 1,200pcs

Popup Phone Card Promotion - Flixcard

Popup Phone Stand Promotion – Flixcard Germany

  • Part of a mailing and magazine insert campaign promoting the Popup Phone Stand as a promotional product to marketing and sales executives.
  • The card came with a custom-printed kraft paper belly band with a teasing message.
  • Order Quantity : 10,000pcs

Talk to our sales team about these and other great customizable products for your distance communication promotions. We can also provide samples and marketing material, including a client-safe PDF flyer to distribute to your clients.

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