Branded Mobile Accessories Help Major Companies Communicate ‘On the Go’

Whether your brand’s business is ‘on the go’ – auto, transport or logistics – or you want your brand to be ‘on-the-go’ with your prospects, Intermed has an innovative branded mobile accessory giveaway solution for you.

Intermed’s Tag Mobile Charging Cable Sets and Loop Bluetooth Speakers were chosen by several leading brands to support varying marketing campaigns, from events to launches. In each case, features of the product helped reinforce the companies’ marketing messages.

Facebook – Tag Mobile Charging Cable Set


The usefulness of a promotional gift is a good measure of its effectiveness and there is nothing worse than not being able to charge your mobile device or transfer data when at an important event. Anticipating this problem, Facebook India delighted attendees at a recent event with a gift of the Tag Mobile Charging Cable Set.

The flat shape of the tag provides  two surfaces to pad-print a logo and messaging. The charge cable then clips into the tag, which can then be secured to the strap or handle of a briefcase or bag so that it is always to hand.

BMW Mini – Tag Mobile Charging Cable Set

BMW - Tag Mobile Charger Cable Sets

The UK recipients of BMW Mini’s promotional Mobile Charging Cable Set giveaway got double value: not only does the cable set provide a handy charge cable for use in the car, but it can also be used as a key ring. What better way for BMW Mini to keep their brand in their prospects’ hands?

DHL – Tag Mobile Charging Cable Set

DHL-Tag Mobile Charger Cable Set

DHL India’s target audience are people who know about the importance of being able to access information! The Tag Mobile Charging Cable Set giveaway was an excellent choice of gift, relating features of the cable set – ready access to information – with those of DHL’s service. An additional benefit is the shape of the tag, which resembles a DHL package, and provides a strong reminder of the brand.

Expect AVK – Loop Bluetooth Speaker

Expect AVK is a global supplier of valves for industry and with the easy-to-carry branded Loop Bluetooth Speaker, the company was able to bring pleasure to their prospects while at work or at play.

LSL Digital – Loop Bluetooth Speaker

LSL - Loop Bluetooth Speaker

LSL Digital provides the latest technology for all digital platforms run by La Sentinelle, a major media group in Mauritius.  The order for 500 pieces of the handy Loop Bluetooth Speaker communicates the brand with strong logo placement on the speaker. For easy listening, the Bluetooth speaker tag attaches to bag straps or a belt so that users can enjoy their entertainment on the go.

Emirates Global Aluminium – Loop Bluetooth Speaker

EGA - Loop Bluetooth Speaker

A leading global primary aluminium producer, Emirates Global Aluminium placed an order for 600 pieces of the Loop Bluetooth Speaker. With the easy-to-carry bluetooth speaker, the industrial giant was able to communicate with their prospects in a casual way, helping to connect with prospects outside of the more professional work environment.


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