Magic Concepts Event Mega Cube: The Invitation Guests Cannot Ignore

Event Mega Cube - An invitations with Wow Factor

An invitation that creates a big impression

At 12.7cm squared, the extraordinary Magic Concepts Event Mega Cube is an invitation your guests cannot ignore!

  • Recipients are drawn in as the Event Mega Cube unfolds, and then unfolds again with an appealing gentle magnetic resistance.
  • In a teasing sequence, the details of the event are revealed on the large full colour print panels, before the puzzle folds back to the original cube.

Big invitations for big events

Examples of Mega Cube Invitations


Download A4 flyer

Download client-safe A4 flyer PDF

Add a digital dimension with Augmented Reality


To add an extra level of intrigue, the Event Mega Cube is now available with Augmented Reality (AR). The recipient uses the special AR app to  trigger 3D or video experiences that adds a totally novel experience to the invitation.

Above: Augmented Reality ‘pop up’ message triggered by marker on Palo Alto Discovery Day Event, a series of global events organised by Battlefin to bring together top investment firms to brainstorm tech investment strategies.

“When done right, an event invitation sets the scene for the big event, generates excitement and gets an early ‘sell out’ every time.”

MOQ: 500pcs   Lead Time: 21 days   Size: 12.7cm cubed  Options: With full colour printed box / Augmented Reality Experience

Get your sample of the Magic Concepts Event Mega Cube by contacting our sales team for samples, and marketing material, including a client-safe PDF flyer to distribute to your clients.

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