2018 Calendar Promotion: FREE Print Setup for your Clients!


Secure your FREE 2018 calendar print setup

Secure early 2018 calendar orders from your clients with Intermed’s FREE print setup offer for orders confirmed before November 15, 2017! This offer could save up to US$150 off the order and might be just the incentive your clients need to give you the business!


  • First print setup on all orders over of 500 pieces or more
  • Standard matt or glossy standard labels. For special finishes/labels please request our rates.

Ready-to-use marketing PDF and email (neutral)!

To help you promote the offer to your clients we have prepared a client safe/unbranded A4 PDF which you can download here, as well as an HTML template which you can upload to your Mailchimp account. Just be sure to change the neutral contact link to your contact details and email address.

Why choose Intermed calendars

  • Create!
  • Captivate!
  • Inspire!

Unlike a traditional paper calendar, Intermed’s interactive and stylish calendars double as an executive toy. The brand is on display and engaging recipients in play 365 days a year.

Touchpoint interactive calendars are designed for play, catching the recipient’s attention and earning a prized place on the executive desktop all year long!

Popular calendars designs

New! Magnetic Triangle Calendar

Touchpoint Magnetic 360 Calendar

Get creative with the 4 magnetically connected prisms that come together in an array of desktop ‘sculptures’ giving additional exposure to your brand 365 days a year.

Watch the video and learn more!

Magnetic Round Calendar

Magnetic 360 Round Calendar

The magnetic blocks make for a compelling desktop toy as the user can spin, separate and reconnect the blocks to release stress while on the phone. Also available in 3D media version.

Watch the video and learn more!

Magnetic Square Calendar

Touchpoint Calendars - 360 Square

Create a tower of your choosing with the Magnetic Squares that snap together. Also available in 6-block sets.

Watch the video and learn more!

Building Blocks Calendar

touchpoint Office Blocks Calendar

The snap-together Building Block calendar lets the user construct a ‘new’ calendar every day. Available in 3-brick or 4-brick sets.

Watch the video and learn more!

Suspension Calendar

Touchpoint Suspension Calendar

The snap-together Building Block calendar lets the user construct a ‘new’ calendar every day. Available in 3-brick or 4-brick sets.

Watch the video and learn more!

Revolving Tower Calendar

The attraction of the Revolving Tower Calendar is simply irresistible! You cannot help but spin the cubes, either to check a date or to allow for a moment’s play in a busy day. Each cube provides one face for  for your branding, imagery or message.

Watch the tower spin and learn more!

Revolving 3×4 Tower Calendar

Revolving 3x4 Tower Calendar


The Revolving 3×4 Tower provides ample opportunity for branding and the 12-cube mosaic creates an entertaining desktop puzzle calendar.

Watch how the calendar spins and learn more!

Duo Cube Calendar

Touchpoint Duo Calendar

This functional two-block calendar sits neatly in its custom stand. Simply flip the blocks to change the months, or pick one up to take a closer look.

Watch the video and learn more!


See more calendars in the range.

Contact the experienced Intermed team for suggestions and samples and to learn more about the  2018 Calendar Promotion.

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